Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Is Fresca Lying To Me?

So im sitting here in my cage at work. Yes I am a cubicle monkey. Drinking away at a decent Fresca when I decide to look at the nutrition facts on it. I see at the top it says VERY LOW SODIUM and check it out. 25mg of sodium, not too bad. Then it says SUGAR FREE and I think o good my teeth wont rot off my face, great. Next up is the dreaded calories. The top says LOW CALORIE, and im thinking well how low can this be?? I check the stats table out and it says 0 Calories. I am immediately suspicious. Thats a pretty fucking LOW number of calories for something that was labeled LOW CALORIE. Not like 40 or 8 or something, just zip. Like why would they just say, NO CALORIES right? So here my point, guaranteed Fresca is just straight up lying to everyone about the calories. Why the hell else would there be such a discrepancy in descriptions? one says LOW the other says 0? Shit probably loaded with cals and sugars, and they are just killing diabetics one by one until Fresca has the perfect soda drinking race on earth. Matt Crane lookout.

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